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Porcelain Tile Flooring

Porcelain comes in all shapes, sizes, and styles, also having the option of being glazed or unglazed, for a stunning floor that's resilient, convenient, and budget-friendly.

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About Porcelain Tiles


Whether you've always wanted tile flooring or you're just exploring your options, you may be surprised to learn that porcelain tiles have a lot to offer. They're no longer relegated to bathrooms or kitchens as they were decades ago. Porcelain tiles of today come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, from 3-D printed hexagons for your eclectic entryway to oversized wood look porcelain tile that can outfit your entire home. 


Porcelain tiles also have the option of being glazed or unglazed. As you can imagine, glazed tiles can look glossy and smooth, resisting stains and lasting a long time. If you'd prefer a matte finish with texture, unglazed tiles may be the way to go. Because they're more slip resistant, they're commonly used for bathroom floors and pool areas. 


Whatever type of porcelain tile you choose, you're getting a stunning floor that's resilient, convenient, and budget-friendly


Ceramic vs. Porcelain Tile


The gorgeous tile in your friend's newly remodeled home has you inspired! You know you want tile, but you're not sure whether ceramic or porcelain would best suit your needs. Though they're made from the same materials, the process differs, with porcelain tiles fired at a higher temperature. This makes porcelain tiles denser. 


That said, just because they differ slightly doesn't mean that one is objectively better than the other. The best tile is the one that checks all the boxes on your list. A chat with your local Flooring America expert can ensure you find the right tile product for your project. 




Choosing porcelain tile flooring doesn't mean you're signing on for a monochromatic look reminiscent of the '70s. Today's options are heavily influenced by the latest high-tech printing technology, which can replicate natural materials like steel and stone with breathtaking realism. Add the texture and grain of hardwood floors to your open-concept condo with wood-look porcelain tile or opt for affordable marble look porcelain tile to add a spa-like vibe to your ensuite bathroom. You can even find custom shapes and patterned designs in porcelain tile that perfectly match your design aesthetic.


How Durable Are Porcelain Floor Tiles?


Porcelain is often seen as a delicate material, like your grandma's priceless porcelain serving platter or her antique porcelain doll that was always off-limits. You may never guess it, but porcelain tile is impressively solid, providing a tough surface that doesn't shy away from the everyday situations you and your family find yourselves in. And no need to worry about stains or water damage!


Pros and Cons of Porcelain Tile Flooring


Porcelain tile flooring comes with several benefits and a few considerations to keep in mind. 


Maintenance for Porcelain Tiles


Whether you have an always-messy home thanks to your kids or you're a tidy empty nester, the process for cleaning your porcelain floor tiles is fairly straightforward. Sweeping or vacuuming at frequent intervals is a given, and mopping will help remove remaining dust and dirt. You can also occasionally sanitize porcelain tiles when you're ready for a deep clean. Just be sure to follow the care guidance provided by your manufacturer.


Lifespan and Installation 


Will new porcelain tiles need replacement within a couple of years or can you sit back and enjoy them for a decade or more? Understanding how long you can expect porcelain tiles to last is an important factor in the decision-making process. Though there's no precise deadline for replacement, we do know that porcelain tiles can last decades if they're installed properly using high-quality materials. You'll also want to follow the manufacturer's guidance for regular cleaning and maintenance. 


What is proper installation, you ask? It's a fairly challenging process that involves heavy lifting, patience, and attention to detail. Rather than tackle the job yourself, trust your porcelain tile installation to the professionals. They'll use their expertise and the right tools to prepare the surface, set the tile, and grout the joints. Plus, you'll rest easy knowing your warranty protection is still comfortably intact. 


Frequently Asked Questions