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Finding the Right Carpet for Your Lifestyle

Are you hoping to replace your worn out carpet with a stunningly durable alternative? Look no further than our collection of incredible carpet choices here at Lyle's Flooring America in Minnesota City, Minnesota. Whether you're searching for a luxe Saxony for your bedroom or on the look-out for waterproof nylon in the kid's playroom, we've got you covered.

Our expansive showroom carries everything from Berber to frieze to fun in between cut-loop styles. We proudly serve Minnesota City, Winona, Goodview, Buffalo City, Dodge, and the surrounding areas in Minnesota, as well as Arcadia and Galesville, Wisconsin. Stop by our store today to consult with our flooring specialists as they are eager to help start your journey to beautiful new floors.

Carpet Types Explained

In Minnesota City, Minnesota, we have made a name for ourselves for our ability to give clients choices from our outstanding collections of flooring in an endless range of colors and textures from leading brands in the industry. Our experts can explain the various kinds of flooring fibers and which ones are right for your home. Looking for a luxury surface that elevates your home's look? Find a variety of wool and Saxony fibers here at Flooring America that will add rich beauty to any room. Or, if you opt for a more casual carpet flooring alternative, check out our range of nylon and polyester fibers that provide any busy household with the strength and stain-fighting protection necessary. To learn more about the following collections in our shop, talk to one of our consultants today:


Frieze carpeting is incredibly soft and comes in a cut-pile carpeting construction. The resilient curling fibers of frieze work well to camouflage dirt.


A cut-piled carpet, Saxony carpets can add a bit of luxury to any room in your house. Textured Saxony style carpet also adds resistance to wear, shading, and traffic patterns.


Shag carpeting features a long-yarn with individual strands that come in three types: either long, short, or mini shag. For an informal look, go with shag in medium and light traffic areas.


Berber carpet has a unique style and a cushiony feeling underfoot that can be found in various pile heights and can be constructed as a level-loop or multi-loop carpet, depending on your preference. Berber's natural strength and soil hiding capabilities make it a go-to floor for active areas in the home.

We offer the highest-quality brand name carpeting backed by excellent warranties, so you can trust our local flooring shop to deliver on your design dreams. Being a part of Flooring America, we have access to the industry's best flooring brands, respected for their quality and design. Discover the newest colors and trends at affordable prices to fit your home decor. We sell carpet styles from the following manufacturers:

  • Resista?
  • Hearth & Home
  • HomeCraft
  • Tigressá?
  • Stainmaster
  • Innovia
  • Design Distinctions

Selecting Carpet for Your Home

One of the most challenging carpet flooring parts can be selecting just the right carpet for your household. Luckily, our flooring experts know how to strike a balance between durability and luxury carpet, and they are sure to find your match amongst our infinite number of visual and textural carpeting options.

Carpets have many benefits to them, including comfortability, versatility, and safety underfoot, not to mention the fact that they can trap allergy causing particles from entering your home. This carpet advantage creates a safer, cleaner environment for those inside. Thanks to the latest advancements in technology, carpets also come in various durabilities —some are not just waterproof, but stain-proof and pet-proof, making the perfect choice for busy households. 

Your carpet's performance can vary based on the pile height, twist speed, fabric type, stitch rate, gauge, or tuft tie, but consulting with our flooring specialists can help you narrow down your selection and find the carpet that will work the best in your home. 

Maintaining Carpet

For many homeowners, keeping their carpet in mint condition is a top priority. While carpets of the past may have been hard to keep spotless of dirt and stains, our carpets at Lyle's Flooring America are designed to withstand your toughest household messes. Our carpets' advantages are numerous, but a long lifespan and less maintenance are a top priority when you live an active lifestyle.

Your carpets will remain in brand new condition for years down the road, just needing daily vacuums and annual carpet cleanings. Before using any chemical cleaners, be sure to reference your carpet's warranty, as your carpet fabrics can be affected by such chemicals.

Carpet Installation with Our Specialists

Carpet installation can be a tricky business, and after investing in your new floors, you don't want to risk mistakes with an inexperienced installer. Hire our team of professionals to help you with your carpet installation, as they have years of experience and the right-field knowledge necessary to make sure your floors are installed as efficiently and smoothly as possible. Our experts will come prepared with industry-grade tools and resources.

Perhaps the best part of using our services is the Ultimate Confidence Guarantee, which gives our customers full satisfaction. If you are dissatisfied with your floor within 30 days after installation, we will replace your carpeting for free with a product of comparable pricing. This guarantee was put in place to show you, our customer, how sure we are of our products and giving you the best warranties. 

Contact us to begin your flooring journey and let our design experts guide you through the process.

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